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Thanks for visiting my Website. What I offer here are short essays, or articles if you like, on things that give us pause for thought. It seems to me that we can often whizz through life rather too quickly, not having time to think about much at all. So my intention is to offer the opportunity of a few moments in time to stop, read, reflect and think. I am not sure that anything I offer will shatter the world or be quoted at conferences, or even over the toast at the breakfast table, but I do think all our thoughts are worth articulating and sharing and we are better and richer for so doing. Let’s make it two-way – share your thoughts with me too.

This site is dedicated largely to two of my great passions – walking and reading. I love doing both and find that I think better when I walk or when I read. Both take my mind and soul on wonderful, stimulating journeys. Mostly, I do both these activities alone – for me they are times when I can feed my inner self and nurture my soul. My other great passion is writing – so the thoughts my soul returns from its journey with can be sifted, refined and articulated through my writing and shared with those who have the time or inclination to read them in the form of these short essays. My intention is that they would do one of several things: bless, amuse, enrich, irritate, stimulate. If they do any of these – then my heart sings and I am delighted. If they do more than one – my heart applauds and my cup runneth over. If they do none – I am sorry – maybe this is not a good space or place for you right now. I give you my blessing for your own journey – may you find peace and joy.

To all visitors – please comment, please share if you have loved anything and be blessed.

Please note – all of the material on this site is my own and should not be copied and used for any purpose without my written permission – thank you

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Walking Reader”

  1. Inspirational as ever. You make me realise that though I share your passions for reading, walking and writing I don’t do nearly enough of any of them. Like so many things in my life they exist mainly in my head!

    1. Thank you for your encouraging comment, Jill! Well there’s no problem with things being in your head, especially if they’ve arrived there via your heart. I would urge you to write though – just brings so much joy. Don’t be afraid of ‘not getting it right’ – just do it!!

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