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So what can I tell you about me?

I entered my sixties in 2017 and before arriving at that milestone I was terrified! Of what, I am not entirely sure – there is something though about a zero on the end of your age that makes it something of a major milestone, or to be more precise, a hurdle to climb over. Well, I climbed it – jumped it actually by having a big party – thus celebrated it in some style and that was it! It wasn’t so bad after all.  In fact it was more than okay – I am alive! I made it! Many didn’t,  I have come to realise. So now, it seems to me, that every day is cause for some celebration. We have made it through the night and here we are – facing another day with all it brings.

Two of my great passions are Reading and Walking – hence the site title: ‘The Walking Reader’. Both these activities seem to ‘get me thinking’ and sometimes I am inspired to write.  My writing of course is not always about either of those things. It’s about all sorts of journeys. I wrote about my Mum being ill, dying and about how much I miss her. I write about things that make me angry and I occasionally write short stories.  I wrote about being diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer  (an aggressive, uncommon form called Uterine Serous Cancer actually) and of surviving it and living with the knowledge that it still has a chance of recurring and will be a few more years before I will be decreed ‘cancer-free’ and then can celebrate fully.

I have three books in various stages of being written too, but that’s another story! I promise I will get on and finish at least one of them some day soon. In the meantime, it’s fun continually editing them.

I also write about God. I believe in Him and I believe in Jesus Christ, His Son and the Holy Spirit, as Comforter and Guide. I believe they are One Triune God. I’m not at all sure how I could get through life really without God. Although, there are days when I rage at Him, I know that I am loved and cherished by Him and He has my life in His hands. One of my books – the one I am closest to finishing actually – is about coming to faith and the wrestling I have done with Him since. If I could just get that introduction edited to my satisfaction, I’d be good to go……

In the meantime I go on writing……..Writing seems to help me process my thinking. It helps me to make some sort of sense of all the churning and groaning and grappling that  goes on in my head and in my heart. I hope what I do write helps others too. I know that what I read often helps me.

Who knows where this will lead? But for now, it seems like fun and something like a good idea. It beats talking to myself anyway!!

I was born and brought up in a village on the outskirts of Stockport, near Manchester and after moving round the country with work to Lancashire, Warwickshire and Surrey, I now live in the beautiful Holme Valley, in a village with amazing views and walks from my doorstep. I am married to a truly wonderful man, whose patience I try sorely and who loves me dearly, and who I love truly, madly, deeply – yet often spent too little time showing and telling him! Between us we have four grown-up gorgeous offspring and 9 fabulous grandchildren and 2 step-grandchildren. My family are the source of much of my joy – and also the cause of many of sleepless nights, my dwindling bank balance and the increase in my grey hair and wrinkles! I love them dearly, of course.

I decided to take early retirement in 2014, following a career of over 30 years in the NHS and latterly working in strategic advisory roles with Local Authorities and the Department of Children, Schools and Familes on children’s disability service development. I loved my work but I do so love my retirement! I intend to really milk it and live life to the full. We enjoy travelling and take long holidays, exploring both the UK and places abroad. We both do some work for the church and I have a huge pile of books waiting to be read and miles of countryside waiting to be walked and explored. I’ve started – but oh boy! I certainly haven’t finished.

I want to write. I do write. I’ve written lots and want to write more. Somehow I just never got the will to make it my career. Now is my time! Right now, there may be no one actually paying me, but  I do sit down to work at my writing and I sometimes spend whole days doing that.  I have become a writer. So if you would like to tell me what you think about my writing – by commenting on this site, that would be very helpful. But mostly, I’m just happy if you read it – like a baker who wants to see their cakes being eaten – I thrive on knowing my writing has been read and enjoyed.

If you’re looking for literary criticism or book reviews – I apologise – you will be disappointed. If you’re searching for details of good walks (like map coordinates and all that jazz) you’ll also be disappointed. My aim is simply to share my own experiences of the reading and walking that I do and enjoy and the thoughts they inspire in me. I hope they’ll be of interest to you, make you think a bit, possibly sometimes make you laugh and maybe, on occasions, prompt you to read or walk yourself or share something of your own journey. Whatever, I humbly offer my ramblings as food for your thoughts.

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