Bible Reading Reflections

I wanted to say a little more about one of the categories I use on my site. I read all sorts of literature – from many different genres. The one book I return to daily though is my Bible. For me, being a Christian, it is much more than a book; I believe it contains the Word of God and that He speaks through it to us today. I also think it contains so much beautiful writing, poetry and history that to ignore it, whatever faith you practice (if any) would be foolish. So It felt important to me to share, from time to time, the way my thoughts spring from my reading of the Bible and how different passages enrich my thinking and doing.

I’ve  kept a journal over my Christian walk of 21 years and looking back I can see how far I’ve travelled and how much I’ve grown! Moreover, I know there is far more ground to cover – and a lot more growing to do! It’s like I say to myself “Wow! I think I might now be properly ‘grown-up’! I might now be a ‘Mature Christian!!’ ” – then, BUMP! – something happens to bring me down to earth with a crash and I realise I still have so much to learn!

As I read, I’ll post some of my reflections, possibly a prayer from time to time- but mainly just a ‘something’ of what God is showing me. I invite you to browse these thoughts – wherever you happen to be on your own journey. These are the posts that are categorised as ‘Bible Reading Reflections’  Feel free to comment, question or whatever, and I’ll try my best to keep up with responses.

By the way – I am not claiming to be any sort of expert in Bible knowledge (a bit of studying to be a Lay Reader doesn’t go nearly far enough to be that) – these are simply my own reflections – musing in writing if you like. It may seem like an audacious claim, but I do hope you meet with Jesus in some way through these thoughts – I see myself as nothing more than a signpost and I want only ever to point to the One True God.

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